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Thank you!

You have successfully booked your Design Day!

Firstly, I am absolutely ECSTATIC to partner with you all to bring your vision to the world. I know this is a BIG, bold move you’ve taken to trust somebody else to do it right, and I’m honoured for the privilege to do just that!


Here are your next steps:

step one.

Strategy Call – please schedule your Strategy Call before your scheduled design day so we have ample time to plan!

step two.

Downloads – get started on your planning! You can download and fill in the related worksheets for your Branding and/or Website project(s):

Click the image to download.

Click the image to download.

step three.

Brand & Photo Assets – if you have logos, photography or other assets you want used for your project, please compile and organize your assets into a Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer file folder and share with me:

that’s it for now!

You will receive an invite to your Basecamp project folder within 1-2 business days where all your project communication and organization will be managed.

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